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It's Raining Duo Maxwell!

It's raining Duo Maxwell!

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It's Duo!!!!!!!

Here are the links to some webpages I like. If you would like your webpage to feature on this page of links, e-mail me your URL and if I like your page, I will add it here. Please give me a link back if I link to your page. Use one of these banners, or else a simple text link will do. Thanks!

The Duo Dance
Watch lots of little animated .gifs dance around!

Here's the webpage where I got my pictures from! Thanks!
AstronomyGirl18's Gundam Wing Gallery
The Lair of the Gundam Wing Boys

Check out my other webpages!

The RPG Site
Detailed information about many RPGs on various consoles, with music, reviews, polls, games and more.

Sempre Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon images and fan art.

Feathers of Steel
A Gundam Wing fan art page.

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This webpage was started on Sunday, February 18th... you're looking at quite a drab Version 1.0... give me some time to make logos and wallpaper will ya?! ^.~ This webpage is copyright Alison 2001. You may take any picture for your website, except Fan Art pictures.