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Feathers of Steel - A Gundam Wing Fan Art Page

Last Updated: 10/Feb/2001
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Site FAQ

Please read this FAQ before sending me an e-mail. If your question is answered here, I will ignore your e-mail.

Can I take your images and use them on my webpage? (or something else)
You can take any image from the image gallery and use it on your webpage (or anything else). I got my images from other webpages, so you are free to take mine. However, you cannot take any Fan Art images. You must have permission from the artist before using their pictures on your website.

Can I take Fan Art Images?
No, you cannot take Fan Art images. These images belong to their artists, you must e-mail the artist and ask them to let you take their image for your webpage, or whatever you want the image for.

How do I submit fan art?
Just e-mail your submissions to me, as an attachment to your e-mail. Please read the Submissions FAQ before sending in your art. This will allow me to put your art on my site quicker.

Can I link to your webpage?
Yes, of course you can! On the Links page there are some banners you can choose from, or else you can just use a simple text link. If you do link to me, please link to the title page, not any other page. If I know that you are linking to me from your webpage, I will give you a link back. I will add a link to your site on mine if it contains information about RPGs (in which case I will post the link on my RPG site, The RPG Site), if it contains information about Sailor Moon, I will add the link to your site on my Sailor Moon site, Sempre Sailor Moon, and if your site is about Gundam Wing, the link to your site will feature on this website, Feathers of Steel. Feel free to add links The RPG Site and Sempre Sailor Moon on your webpage! ^.^

Who owns this site?
I'm called Alison, and this site is copyrighted to me, you may not take the background (I created it!) for your own page without asking me first. However, I do not own Gundam Wing or any of it's characters. Gundam Wing is copyrighted to TV Asashi, Sunrise and Sotsu Agency.

This webpage is copyright Alison 2001. It was started on 9/Feb/2001. All images are copyright their respective owners. I do not own Gundam Wing or any of the characters. Please don't sue me! ^.^