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Feathers of Steel - A Gundam Wing Fan Art page

Fan Art Gallery

If you have any fan art you'd like to send in, just e-mail it to me at as an e-mail attachment. Please read the Submissions FAQ before sending in your art. This makes it easier for me! Thanks!

On with the pictures!

Fan Art by me:
Looks Like Duo! - drawn by me (Alison) Trowa in a shirt and tie - drawn by me (Alison) Heero in a gloomy state of mind - drawn by me (Alison) Duo holding a rosary - drawn by me(Alison) Trowa holding his clown mask - drawn by me (Alison)

Fan Art by Selphie:
Heero Yuy looking down - drawn by Selphie

Fan Art by Lauryn:
Heero standing - drawn by Lauryn Heero and Relena - drawn by Lauryn Trowa standing - drawn by Lauryn

Fan Art by Starfire:
Happy St Patrick's Day from Duo - drawn by Starfire Preventer Heero - drawn by Starfire

Fan Art by Nanashee:
Duo showing off his sunglasses - drawn by Nanashee

This webpage is copyright Alison 2001. It was started on 9/Feb/2001. All images are copyright their respective owners. I do not own Gundam Wing or any of the characters. Please don't sue me! ^.^