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This site will no longer be updated. Sorry for any inconvinience. You can still browse the site, I won't be taking it down, but I won't update it any more so please don't e-mail me about it or submit your art, because I will just ignore you. If you would like to see my new projects, click here, or if you want to see my Duo Maxwell site, click here.

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Feathers of Steel - A Gundam Wing Fan Art Page

Last Updated: 19/Apr/2001

Welcome to Feathers of Steel - a Gundam Wing Fan Art page.

Feel free to submit any fan art you have, as long as it's of Gundam Wing!

I support G.W.F.A.D! Gundam Wing Fans Against Discrimination!

I'm a member of Kitty Power! =^.^=

Kitty || Nuku Nuku

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This webpage is copyright Alison 2001. It was started on 9/Feb/2001. All images are copyright their respective owners. I do not own Gundam Wing or any of the characters. Please don't sue me! ^.^