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Feathers of Steel - A Gundam Wing Fan Art page

Image Gallery

Duo's tired! (SD) Duo and a puma (SD) Shot of Duo during closing credits Duo smiling Duo looking over his shoulder

Duo wearing a cap Duo holding the self-destruct mechanism of his Gundam Duo and a dog Duo looking to the right Duo looking up

Duo's got a plan Duo's face in various poses Duo in various poses Duo looking shy but cute! Duo with his hands on his hips (SD)

Duo in torn jeans Duo standing (Endless Waltz) Duo on the beach Duo sitting down Duo in a school uniform, looking back

Duo in casual clothes Duo in casual clothes leaning against a wall Duo sitting with crossed legs Duo about to punch Heero (Endless Waltz) Duo wants you to be quiet (I love this picture!)

Duo showing his sunglasses Duo in a red suit Duo standing in what looks like a garden Duo leaning on his hands Duo in a white suit

Duo's face Duo standing with his hands on his hips Duo playing basketball Side view of Duo Shot of Duo's face

Duo on a trampoline (SD) Black and White Duo (SD) Duo on a pink background (SD) Jumping Duo (SD) Duo dressed as a cow (SD)

Duo in a suit
Heero Duo Trowa Quatre Wufei
Relena Zechs Noin Treize Une
Others Groups

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