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It's Raining Duo Maxwell!

It's raining Duo Maxwell!

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It's Duo!!!!!!!

Started this webpage, putting up the title page, image gallery, fan art gallery, wallpaper, links page, updates page.

Added more images and links.

Added more fanart and a new page, 'Animated Gifs'.

Added more fanart.

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approved by duo!

I do not own Duo Maxwell or anything related to Gundam Wing. This site is purely for entertainment purposes, I make no money from it, so please don't sue me! Gundam Wing and Duo Maxwell are copyright of Sotsu Agency, Sunrise, TV Asashi.

This webpage was started on Sunday, February 18th... you're looking at quite a drab Version 1.0... give me some time to make logos and wallpaper will ya?! ^.~ This webpage is copyright Alison 2001. You may take any images except fan art images for your webpage.