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It's Raining Duo Maxwell!

Last Updated: 19/02/2001

It's raining Duo Maxwell!

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It's Duo!!!!!!!

Why do I like Duo Maxwell?

Please remember that this is all my opinion, if you don't agree with this fine, but this is the way I see it! This is why I like Duo Maxwell! ^.^ Read on!

1. His character
Duo is the most easy-going of all five gundam pilots, he's the one who is always smiling, even though in the past he has been hurt just as much as the other 4 pilots. He seems to enjoy fighting (now this I don't agree with ^.~), and puts all his heart into it, saying he is doing it for the colonies. He says he is doing it to give the smiles back to the people in the colonies. Awwww! ^.^

2. His looks
In my eyes, Duo is the best looking out of all the five pilots, and he's the one who smiles the most! His eyes are a lovely blue colour, and his long long plait is very sexy! ^.~ He's about as tall as me too! ^.^

3. His gundam
His gundam, simply put, rocks! The Deathscythe is my favourite of all five gundams, it has a thermal bladed scythe and the ability to stay hidden from enemies. The Deathscythe Hell is even better! I just love the bat wings, and the triple bladed scythe (two in front, one at the back) is amazing!

My verdict: Duo is cute, cheerful and I love his gundams!

My favourite Duo quotes:
"My mama told me real men don't scream out loud."
I'll add more quotes soon! Let me finish watching the TV series first! ^.~

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